Let's K12 Better

Creation, Connection, and Collective Healing

June 02, 2021 Mom Of All Capes Season 2 Episode 13
Let's K12 Better
Creation, Connection, and Collective Healing
Show Notes

Juneteenth represents a moment in time when freedom was delayed for a large group of people. In times where society is pushing back against injustice, how do we create space to celebrate and acknowledge victories? How do we build the capacity to connect with our inner selves and with those around us? How is art a perfect medium for healing and reciprocity?  We sat down with Jen Bloomer artist, activist, facilitator, and the founder of Radici Studios to learn more about art as a community healing experience.

Join Amber and Jen on June 19th, 2021 for a virtual celebration of Juneteenth as a collective exploration of freedom, liberty, and liberation. Don’t miss it! Register now:  https://radicistudios.com/workshops

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