Let's K12 Better

Juneteenth: Celebrating… The Struggle

June 19, 2020 Mom Of All Capes Season 1 Episode 9
Let's K12 Better
Juneteenth: Celebrating… The Struggle
Show Notes

Today is Juneteenth. Juneteenth represents a moment in time when freedom was delayed for a large group of enslaved people. In times of struggle or injustice, how do we create space to celebrate and acknowledge victories? How do we define liberation when the world is experiencing a moment of trauma and turmoil? In this episode, we talk about acknowledging and remembering the lives lost to police brutality, the importance of saying the names, and how we can find hope as we continue our antiracist work. We also cover topics of freedom and independence.

Questions for your family discussion this week:

1. Why is it important to say the names of the people who are victims of police brutality?

2. Why should we read their stories and read up on the reports of their deaths?

3. Should kids learn the details about how these people died? Why or why not?

4. Can we be free if everyone is not free? Why or Why not? 

5. Should Juneteenth be a national holiday? Why or why not?

*One kid had a loose tooth, so they had a few weird moments when talking... Mom had allergies, which made her sound weird.

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