Let's K12 Better

#SayHerName... Connecting the Dots

September 25, 2020 Mom Of All Capes Season 1 Episode 21
Let's K12 Better
#SayHerName... Connecting the Dots
Show Notes

How do we talk to kids about Breonna Taylor or police brutality?

#SayHerName... Since the death of Breonna Taylor, we’ve held many family discussions about race and other important topics. Because no topic is off the table in our home, we decided to pivot, still celebrating National Voter Registration Day, but we wanted to take a moment to discuss the grand jury’s ruling and the rippling impact it has had on all of us.

*Before you have a family conversation about Breonna Taylor’s death, read up an entire timeline. 

Podcasts on talking to kids about race, racial justice, and police brutality:

Become an informed, anti-racist voter. Learn more about your ballot and read up on your candidates:


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