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Let’s Talk About… The Election And The Debates

October 09, 2020 Mom Of All Capes Season 1 Episode 23
Let's K12 Better
Let’s Talk About… The Election And The Debates
Show Notes

WARNING: We break out in song in this episode… so get ready!

How do we engage kids in civic life when they can’t vote? How do we become informed voters so that we can make the best possible choice? We held a family discussion about voting and the debates. We challenge you to have a discussion too!  
Here are our questions:

1. Why should people vote, even if they do not like the candidates? What can they do about it?

2. What is missing in the discussion in schools about voting?OR  What do you wish was covered and why? 

3. Sometimes candidates run ads and say harmful things about each other. What do you think about those kinds of ads? Are they helpful? 

4. We watched both the presidential and the vice presidential debates. What were some differences between the two? How did the debates make you feel afterward?

5. Voting is only one, very important part of your civic experience. What other ways can people make a change in their community? Kids can’t vote. So what are ways that kids can contribute to their communities? 

Check out the 5th Let’s K12 Better Newsletter with nonpartisan resources and tools to help you make an informed decision: https://mailchi.mp/aee90749591f/tips-for-raising-socially-conscious-anti-racist-kids-5836019.


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