Let's K12 Better

Black Teachers Matter with Hiewet Senghor

September 09, 2021 Mom Of All Capes Season 2 Episode 20
Let's K12 Better
Black Teachers Matter with Hiewet Senghor
Show Notes

There are increased benefits for all students, but specifically for Black students, when there are Black teachers in the classroom. How do we build pipelines that increase the number of Black educators in our schools? How can programming and networks support best teaching practices for Black educators as they support their Black students? 

In this episode, we sat down with Hiewet Senghor Founder and CEO of the Black Teacher Collaborative - a social entrepreneurship venture, provides an opportunity to engage in the development of strategies and tools that build the mindsets, skills, and knowledge needed to actualize a new model for Black teacher impact and efficacy.

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Black Teacher Collaborative Website: https://blackteachercollaborative.org/    




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